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International Discussion

ViestiKirjoittaja Fiti Martinez » To Marras 25, 2010 1:38

International Discussion is a forum meant for international discussion for all foreign-language users and anonymous guests of Serranon perhe (SPK) forums. In other words this forum is meant for all foreign-language users and also to all Finnish-speaking users, who can discuss in their own mother tongue or in some common world languages such as English. Thus in this forum every foreign-language user can freely discuss in his/her own language or in other international languages. For example a Spanish user can open a topic for Spanish people and a Swedish user can open a topic for Swedish people, where only that particular language is used, but where anyone who can speak that language can participate in the discussion.

In International Discussion all users (registered users) and guests (anonymous guests) of SPK forums can thus participate in the discussion in their own mother tongue or in common world languages depending on the language used on each topic. Inside separate topics its still not allowed to discuss in different languages but the user who opens the topic also defines the language used on the topic. For example in a topic opened in German by a German user/guest the discussion must be in German and so on. You can open as many topics in the same language as you like, as long as the topics subjects are not identical. ATTENTION: Registered users are not allowed to participate in the discussions as guests!

Finnish-speaking users can also open one topic in this forum for discussion in Finnish if they want, because this forum is meant for international discussion, but otherwise this is a forum as for the topics meant for foreign languages and foreign-language discussions only, where its not allowed to widely discuss in Finnish except for that one particular topic, because the rest of the forum is primarily meant for discussion in Finnish. Finnish-speaking users are naturally allowed to freely participate in the discussion in the foreign-language topics, as long as the discussion is in the same language as the rest of that topic.

Originally outright incorrect rules and instructions of the forum corrected on 27.11.2010. The correction comes into effect retroactively, including the topics possibly opened before the time of the correction.

How to register to SPK forums?

  • Click the "Rekisteröidy" ("Register") -button under the main banner/logo.
  • Accept the registration agreement by which you guarantee your correct behavior in the forums by clicking the "Hyväksyn ehdot" ("I Accept the Conditions") -button on the bottom of the text.
  • Next fill in the registration form; the username you want to "Käyttäjätunnus" ("Username"), your email address to "Sähköpostiosoite" ("Email address"), your password to "Salasana" ("Password") and confirm the password by writing it again to "Varmista salasana" ("Confirm password").
  • Then type the confirmation code (made of letters and numbers) to the box titled "Vahvistuskoodi" ("Confirmation code").
  • When you have typed in the confirmation code, you can, for example, change the forum's clock to the time you like if you want, and then go to the bottom of the registration form and click the "Lähetä" ("Send") -button.
This way you have successfully registered your username to SPK forums. After that you can log in to the forum as a registered user whenever you want by clicking the "Kirjaudu sisään" ("Log in") -link under the forum's main banner/logo. After logging in you can still change the forum's main language to English or Swedish. Click the "Käyttäjätiedot" ("User information") -button under the forum's main logo/banner. Select the language you want from the drop-down menu called "Sivuston kieli" ("Forum language").

You can also look for help in registrating to the forum and navigating in the forum from phpbb2-forums of your own language.

Text and instructions translated by Palstaylläpitäjä (Forum Administrator) katy.
Fiti Martinez
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